Welcome to AHPS!

Our Teachers

Experienced, diverse, talented, inspiring, motivating, caring, knowledgeable and youthful - these are the words that define the teachers at AHPS. Their brilliance in teaching-learning process and innovative methods ensure the successful learning of every child. Their warmth in teaching keeps children motivated to learn new things, always. Our teachers focus on self-excellence through constant learning which helps children bring out the best in them

Our stimulating teaching methodology encourages children to develop, hone, and express their talents and creativity in a variety of fields. We believe that each child is unique. He / she differs from another in learning style and applying knowledge in practice. To nurture this uniqueness of children, we pay individualized attention to each child. We employ highly interactive teaching methods from the earliest levels. Curriculum and teaching resources use a variety of creative techniques such as music, arts, role plays, field trips and inner reflection to involve the child closely and actively in the processes of gathering, understanding, absorbing and using knowledge.